Stay home new project “ nukazuke “






Hello again everyone I hope you’re doing well today to.

In the last days where news about the shortage of flour powder for hot cake and other bakery. With the children being at home for so long time bakery is one of the activities that can be done together plus snack time.

A different way to spend time at home is by growing or taking care of something that can be a daily routine :plants , pets or other. Nukazuke is one project that needs to be taken care of every day , so can be one reason to have a daily routine.

Children like to play with sand, use nukazuke in the place of the sand  in a small box only playing with the hands, not necessary to put vegetables in the nukazuke if is only for playing.

In my country Romania we have something similar to nukazuke but we use wheat bran  and corn bran/flour . When is starting to be fermented is added water (2-3 parts more than the bran parts ) and mixing every day for 3-4 days till is becoming sour, after we separate the water that is sour and has a yellow color.  This nukazuke water is called “bors ” in my country and can be consumed the way it is or added to soups . Bors has a lots of vitamins and other from the bran .

I started to make this bors (nukazuke water) but being my first time doing by myself from zero I had some mistakes till I got to the results I wanted.  I’m glad I did it ,now I can drink it a few times per week.

Before this stay home times work was a daily routine and we miss this so starting a project with a  constant daily activity is possible to make a new routine .

Keep fighting everyone.

Take care.